Civic Center Use

Fairwater Civic Center

The Fairwater Civic Center was erected as a Federal WPA project in 1941 to serve the village as a facility for community meetings, social events, and athletic activities.

The Civic Center is available on a rental basis for area organizations and citizens through submission of a rental application form to the Village clerk.

Rental Fees

Private dance downstairs:$100 (non-resident), $50 (resident)
Private dance upstairs: $100 (non-resident), $50 (resident)
Public Dance upstairs: $100 (non-resident)
Private gathering downstairs: $100 (non-resident), $50 (resident)
Gym for youth/athletic activities: $20 (non-resident)
Organized volleyball leagues:

Civic Center Rental Application

Security Deposit

Non-residents only are required to submit a security deposit equal to their non-resident rental fee. The security deposit will be refunded following the rental, provided that the building passes inspection.

Use of Tables and Chairs

Village residents may use designated older tables and chairs at no charge. Non-residents will be charged a rental fee of $5.00 per table and $.50 per chair for designated older tables and chairs.

Recreational Equipment

Recreational equipment belonging to the Village shall not be removed from the premises.

Guidelines for Use of Civic Center Gym by Village Residents

  • The individual signing for the gym key must be 19 years of age, a Fairwater resident and agree to be present at the gym.
  • The individual signing for the key must agree to be held responsible for any damages occurring during use of the gym and will not hold the Village of Fairwater liable in the event an injury occurs.
  • The key is restricted to 2 hours per party, per day.
  • The gym must be vacant and locked up by 8:30 p.m.
  • If upon your arrival the Civic Center is being used by another party, that party is a paying customer and will have priority. Please return at another time.
  • When using the gym, you have access to the gym and hallways leading to the restrooms. It will be considered trespassing to enter the other areas of the building.
  • If you would like to reserve the gym for a private function, please contact the Village Clerk.
  • The key is not available at the following times: 1) The 2nd Monday evening of each month. 2) Any Election date

Non-Profit Organizations or Fund-Raisers

These functions may be entitled to use of the Civic Center without charge, but are subject to the discretion of the Village Board.